Note that this page includes jQuery 1.2.6 in case you want to test execution of a requires-newer-than-1.2.6 bookmarklet. If you want to do version testing, click here for a good starting point.

This bookmarklet, requiring jQuery 1.3.2:

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Was generated from this code:

var ladder = ['detuned', 'kiwijam', 'oenomel', 'drsteve', 'ronaldx', 'PuzzleScot', 'puzzlemad', 'dickoon', 'afcwarren', 'rodders', 'erika', 'Dataman', 'driv4r'];
var others = ['DavidMcN', 'paulredman'];

function userHighlight(username, colour){
	$('.highscore_tabelle tbody tr td:contains("' + username + '"), .ratingtabelle tbody tr td a:contains("' + username + '")').css("color", colour);

	userHighlight(this, 'blue');

	userHighlight(this, 'aqua');

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