Mega-sexy photos of my Ride


I took these first three photos in Hudson, NH. Look at this thing.. gorgeous, huh?


Yep, it has a very nice aggressive look to it. I like the new front end for 2002 - badass.


Baby got back! This has got to be the nicest looking wagon out there.


My brother and I took these next six photos in Hardwick, MA. Here's another sexy back-end shot.


I just love these "low-angle-in-yo-face-with-my-damn-SUPERBRIGHT-xenon-headlight" shots..


That's me, Cowboy, posing next to my ride. (Check out my phat kicks.. Adidas of course)


Nice Sand leather and Myrtle wood trim. It's sporty, yet luxurious.


Bling to-the-mutha-f***ing bling!


There you have it. Aggressive styling + excellent performance = one badass ride.


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