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Award Categories

MS Leaders of Hope will recognize one winner in each of six categories: five categories for people with MS and one category for caregivers. Below you will find descriptions for each of the six award categories. We recommend you review the categories carefully and choose the one that best matches the essence and impact of your idea.

We are interested in learning the challenge you faced that gave rise to your idea, your description of the idea, how you creatively put this idea to work for you, and how you have used this idea to inspire others. MS Leaders of Hope looks forward to receiving your nomination!

For People with MS


Describe an idea you’ve put into action that helped you overcome a challenge MS presented to your ability to perform the everyday physical tasks you do to live your life.

For example, many people with MS develop and implement creative solutions to solve mobility or dexterity hurdles at home, at work, or at play.


Here we’re interested in learning about an idea you’ve put into action that has helped you overcome a relationship challenge related to your MS.

Often people with MS find that they need to overcome issues that arise as a result of the disease; issues that can affect the way they relate to a spouse, child, friend or colleague.

Do you have a creative way of approaching this kind of challenge? We want to know.

Time Management

Tell us about an idea you’ve developed that has made a real difference in your ability to organize your day and manage your time.

Many people with MS find creative solutions that enable them to overcome the challenges they face in trying to juggle the wide range of daily activities in today’s hectic world.


It is not uncommon for people with MS to find that their disease and related symptoms can be a sensitive topic at work. Let us know about a particular employment or workplace challenge you faced and overcame.

We’re sure others experiencing MS will benefit from knowing how your idea made a difference for you and how you put it to use.


Many people with MS find that they experience changes in cognitive function. This can include memory and speed of thinking.

Tell us about a creative way in which you have overcome a cognitive and/or memory issue and how, as a result of your idea, you have been able to keep track of the important things in your life.

For the Caregiver

As you are someone who cares deeply about someone with MS, we would like to learn about a particular caregiving challenge you have faced.

Realizing that many MS patients rely heavily on their care partners, we would like you to describe your idea, how it made a real difference in the life of the person with MS, and how this idea has positively impacted other patients and caregivers.

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We can't change the fact that MS is a part of our lives but we can improve our quality of life through simple, common sense solutions.

- Robert Burgin, Race Car Driver

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