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How Do I Inspire Others?


You have a great idea. A creative solution to an MS challenge. A way to make your life a little easier…

But just think, if you shared your coping tip, your ingenuity, your story, then you might be able to give hope to others just like you.

Well, we want to help. Below are some very practical ways you can help get your idea out.

Share your ideas. Share your stories. Be a leader of hope.

Top 5 Ways to Share your Idea and Inspire Others
1 Enter in the MS Leaders of Hope program where we will identify the best ideas the community has to offer and publish them for all to see! To enter an idea, click here.
2 Attend live MS events and seminars where people are always ready to listen to new and creative ideas. For more information on live events, click here.
3 Use Message Boards and be a part of an online community. For more information on message boards, click here.
4 Go out into your community and play an active role. Learn about volunteer opportunities with your local National MS Society Chapter. Talk with them about opportuntities of starting or expanding MS support groups in your area.
5 Share your ideas with your neurologist. Your doctor is a great resource for both giving and receiving creative solutions to MS challenges.

This program will afford people with MS an opportunity to not only share their inspirational stories, but to acknowledge and recognize the contributions of family and friends who have been so essential to their everyday lives.

- Michael Dugan, CEO & President of the National MS Society.

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