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2004 10K Report PDF

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E*TRADE FINANCIAL has always sought to build customer relationships characterized by respect and transparency. We strive to be clear about how and when we make money, and to do business with customers who appreciate the clarity of our approach.

As E*TRADE FINANCIAL has evolved, so has our understanding of our customers and our ability to provide them with the right mix of price, functionality and service. 2004 saw significant improvement in our customer value proposition, with the expansion of our cross-border international trading solutions to additional markets, the creation of a new Serious Investor customer segment targeted at those customers with $50,000 in assets, the introduction of sophisticated options trading solutions and the enhancements to our customer user experience at etrade.com and through upgrades to our trading platforms. We aggressively acted on our commitment to challenge the industry status quo to deliver tangible value to our customers.

Heading into 2005, we will continue to enhance the customer experience. Our business units have been reorganized along retail and institutional customer-centric lines, and we anticipate increased spending on marketing to ensure that customers are aware of new pricing and product offerings in development.

Who are our customers?


  • Active traders
  • Serious investors
  • Main Street investors
  • Financial service consumers
  • Home finance borrowers
  • Employee stock plan participants
  • Options traders



  • Equities
  • Options
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Direct market access
  • Futures
  • ADRs
  • Cross border


  • Cash management
  • Mutual funds
  • IRAs
  • Money markets
  • Proprietary stock index funds


  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Bill Pay
  • CDs


  • Recreation vehicle
  • Marine
  • Home equity
  • Credit cards
  • Mortgages


  • Broker/dealers
  • Hedge funds
  • Institutional managers
  • Mutual funds
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Private clients
  • Pension plans


Balance sheet management

  • Portfolio management
  • Asset acquisition, disposals and securitization
  • Liquidity management

Market making

  • OTC market making on NASDAQ
  • Bulletin board, pink sheet and ADR pink sheet market making
  • Listed Specialist, Chicago Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange

Sales trading

  • Agency execution in 42 global markets
  • Electronic connectivity to all major global markets
  • Cross-border trade execution
  • Block trading


  • Financial and human resources executives
  • Stock plan administrators


  • Advantage@Work
  • OptionsLink
  • EquityEdge — advanced stock plan management suite
  • Stock plan outsourcing