Big Ben Hillman @ The Big Easy


My good friend and long-time collaborator, Big Ben Hillman, recently asked me to do a gig with him at The Big Easy in Portland, Maine, so I jumped at the chance.. and this is the result! The songs were recorded on a Zoom H4n (room mic + boards mix) on Nov 27, 2009.


Ben Alman: Bass
Mike Crutcher: Guitar, Vocals
Ben Hillman: Keyboards, Vocals
Jen Kearney: Keyboards, Vocals
Chuck Langford: Sax
Pete MacLean: Drums


What I Am (© 1988 Edie Brickell)

What I Am

Come And Get It (© 2009 Ben Hillman)

Come And Get It

Give The People What They Want (© 2009 Ben Hillman)

Give The People What They Want

It Must Have Been The Music (© 2002 Ben Hillman)

It Must Have Been The Music

Sex Machine (© 1970 James Brown)

Sex Machine

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