jQuery URL Utils: Query String, Fragment and more


This plugin has been superseded by both the jQuery BBQ plugin and the jQuery urlInternal plugins. Be sure to check those out, because they’re newer and way cooler! And also because this plugin is no longer getting any updates or support!

The URL Utils jQuery plugin provides some very useful methods around three major areas of URL handling:

First, the Query String / Fragment methods allow you to very easily serialize or deserialize data objects and param strings, including merging either into existing URLs or even elements with URLs. Second, the urlInternal and urlExternal methods allow you to determine the internal- or external-ness of URLs or elements with URLs and filter them using either methods or selectors. Finally, the fragmentChange event allows for very easy-to-implement cross-browser history, even on IE6/7, using the onhashchange event where available.

  • Release v1.11
  • Tested with jQuery 1.3.2 in Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 2-3.6a, Safari 3-4, Chrome, Opera 9.
  • Download Source, Minified (4.0kb)
  • Because this plugin has been deprecated, all documentation and examples are offline. Please try the jQuery BBQ and jQuery urlInternal plugins instead!

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