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Vacation Ownership 101

  Timeshare Fractional/Private Residence Club Destination Clubs
  • Deeded or right-to-use
  • Usually have an exchange program
  • Purchase weekly increments + annual fee
  • Deeded investment
  • Possible exchange program
  • Purchase cost + annual dues
  • Club membership one time fee + annual dues
  • Equity and non-equity memberships available, but no asset ownership
  • Average stay 1-2 weeks
  • Exchange/points -swap your time for corresponding value at another property
  • Average stay 2-4 weeks
  • Larger units and more luxurious properties compared to timeshare.
  • 5 star services and concierge
  • Usage varies between 1-9 weeks a year
  • Choose from a portfolio of private residences valued between $500,000 and $8MM
  • Superior services and personal concierge
  • Average $18,000 per interval wk or points equivalent
  • Annual fee avg. $470
  • $61,000 to $650,000 per interest
  • Annual dues avg. $5,600
  • Possible usage fee (rare)
  • Members pay a one-time up front membership fee that can range from $20,000- $1.5MM, with an average of $255,000
  • Annual dues between $1,500-$30,000 with an average of $15,000
  • Usage fee

For more information on vacation ownership, please visit the Timeshare 101, Fractional Ownership 101, and Destination Clubs 101 pages.

Source: ARDA 2006; NorthCourse Leisure Real Estate Solutions, October, 2006
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