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Cardmember Stories: The Olivers

The Olivers

Vacation. Home.

Take two kids, lots of sand and sun and a comfortable timeshare that includes a washer/dryer, a fully-equipped kitchen and baby-sitting services and what have you got? One happy, relaxed family.

Grandma! Grandpa!

The Olivers own a lock-off timeshare with plenty of room (and, by the way, more exchange power). Grandparents are always welcome. And they don’t have to sleep on a living room pull-out.


Judy Oliver reserves an hour all to herself at the resort spa while Dad rents a boat and takes the kids for a cruise.

Bigger. Better.

Next year the Olivers plan to upgrade. Same resort but an even bigger unit right on the water. It’s easy and because they’re already owners, they get first dibs.

All stories presented for dramatic effect only.

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