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Fast Facts


A high 80.3% of all owners express satisfaction with their timeshare purchase. Source: ARDA 2006

The median household income for timeshare owners is $81,000. Source: ARDA, 2006

4.4 million Americans own timeshare weeks at over 1,600 resorts. Source: ARDA 2007

The number of timeshare units in the U.S., as of January 1, 2007 was 176,232, with 14,000 newly constructed units in 2006. Source: ARDA 2007

Occupancy at U.S. timeshare resorts averaged 80.9 percent in 2006. Source: ARDA 2006

96 % of responding resorts reported an affiliation with one or both of the two major exchange companies, RCI and Interval International, and 24 percent of resorts reported a self-administered program, generally in addition to the exchange company affiliation. Source: ARDA 2007

13% of active leisure travelers report owning some form of vacation time. Source: 2007 National Leisure Travel Monitor

Beach resorts remain the most common primary designation of resorts, and country/lake resorts second. Golf is the amenity most often available nearby and/or on-site. Source: ARDA 2007

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