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Cardmember Stories: The Smiths

The Smiths

Just Married

Now on their honeymoon, Brenda and Jeff Smith love the idea of coming back to the same place year after year. So when they found out the resort offered timeshares, they signed up for a tour. First, they downloaded a list of questions from this site and brought it with them.

This One

Two bedrooms, a view overlooking the pool and unlimited access to a great golf course. The perfect wedding present to each other. They buy Week #41. Their honeymoon week.

The Transaction

Their bank wires them the down payment while they grab some rays. They’ve already arranged with the resort to have their exchange company fee and annual maintenance fees put on their American Express card. Piece of cake.

Until Forever

The Smiths’ future vacations are officially solved. Even as their needs change (along with the size of their family) the timeshare will adjust with them. And there’s enough money left from wedding presents to buy Brenda some scuba gear and lessons. Good move, Jeff.

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