jQuery BBQ plugin v1.0.3


I’ve just updated jQuery BBQ to 1.0.3, fixing a really stupid IE 6 bug, and making a few internal tweaks and API refinements.

The stupid IE6 bug? Commenter Bogdan Stoica noticed that with a URL like http://example.com#foo?bar, IE 6 would mistakenly report location.hash to be “foo” and location.search to be “bar” which.. is completely insane.

Since jQuery BBQ already contained some code to fix a few cross-browser location idiosyncrasies, I just expanded and generalized it a bit, creating a pair of internal “get the actual fragment and query string” utility methods, that the publicly available methods can utilize.

The API refinements are minor.. the $.param.querystring and $.param.fragment methods now need a valid URL as the first parameter. For example “a=1&b=2” won’t work there, while “?a=1&b=2” will. This probably doesn’t affect you anyways, so don’t worry about it.

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