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In some of my recent work on a much-needed update to JavaScript Debug, I noticed a few “interesting quirks” with try…catch in Internet Explorer 6-8, so I decided to write an article with my observations.

As a change of pace, I decided to post this article to the Bocoup weblog. It’s actually my first article over there, so you should give it a read, and let me know what you think!

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In related news, progress on JavaScript Debug has been moving steadily forward, and I hope to have a new version out within a few weeks (which probably means a few months, given my current workload). Either way, stay tuned, because good things are in the works!


So, everyone gathered at Skellig the other night to wish a fond farewell to Karen and Pat, the two most recent casualties in the Cosmic Blender - Broad Street - Evoke Interaction roller coaster ride from hell. It seems like just the other day that we were saying goodbye to Michael and goodbye to Samantha and goodbye to JB and Erwin.. and me.. of course.


It's taken a lot of time and effort, but we've finally launched the fully-redesigned

Since being hired at Pangea Media at the beginning of January, I've been working non-stop with the team on re-skinning the website and creating the flash quiz widget aka "qwidget" for our big "version 2.0" relaunch.

I basically hit the ground running. My first task was to just tweak and finish up the existing flash widget prototype (that I'd never even seen before) to look and feel more like the new site design. Of course, in order to make it as scalable and dynamic as was really needed, I ended up completely rewriting it from scratch. This took me almost three weeks from start to finish, but it was totally worth the effort, and we're all really happy with the final result.

And after I finished the widget, my next task was to help the team out here and there "as needed" with HTML and CSS tweaks. I started coding and soon realized that "helping out" actually meant almost completely rewriting the site's HTML and CSS. And there are a LOT of dynamic components to But after a lot of work, some very late nights, and a few zillion lines of code, the site is done.

And it's badass. Especially if you're a 14-year-old who wants to find out Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

The holidays were great, I got (and gave) some fun presents! The new job is great, and I've been kept very busy with some exciting projects that I'll post about soon. The new TV is also great! Oh, I didn't mention that? Robyn won it at work in a raffle. 42" 1080p HDTV. Insanity. The Superbowl was pretty fun, even though the Pats lost.. but the game LOOKED awesome on the TV. Other than that, there isn't much to report. A good start to the new year!


So, it's early in the morning on the day before Christmas Eve, and I'm sitting here in the living room trying not to look at or even think about the big pile of presents under the tree (that I'm not allowed to open until tomorrow evening). It's not easy, just one more day. I can do it.

But things are changing! After a lot of looking, I finally found myself a new job at Pangea Media.. almost right across the street from my old employer. I start in about a week, and am really looking forward to the change. It's a smaller company, and I'll have more responsibility, which is exactly what I've been looking for. The guys over there are really smart and enthusiastic, so it'll be fun.

I just uploaded some more wedding photos as well as photos from our trip to philly and shabhannukah (leave it to Dan and Kym, right?). I'm sorting through our P-Town trip photos now, and hopefully I'll get those up soon.


I keep track of pretty much all the interactive work I've ever done.. but for whatever reason, I've never actually put any of it online until now. The last few weeks have been spent organizing and documenting all these old projects, as well as writing the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XSLT, and XML to show it all off.

I'm still working on writing descriptions for everything, but as of now there are over eighty projects in there, and some of them are pretty darn cool. Just take a look at My Portfolio and see what you think!