'Tis the Season.. for Change


So, it's early in the morning on the day before Christmas Eve, and I'm sitting here in the living room trying not to look at or even think about the big pile of presents under the tree (that I'm not allowed to open until tomorrow evening). It's not easy, just one more day. I can do it.

But things are changing! After a lot of looking, I finally found myself a new job at Pangea Media.. almost right across the street from my old employer. I start in about a week, and am really looking forward to the change. It's a smaller company, and I'll have more responsibility, which is exactly what I've been looking for. The guys over there are really smart and enthusiastic, so it'll be fun.

I just uploaded some more wedding photos as well as photos from our trip to philly and shabhannukah (leave it to Dan and Kym, right?). I'm sorting through our P-Town trip photos now, and hopefully I'll get those up soon.

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