Absolutely Wonderful..


After missing Stevie Wonder at the Pavillion in Boston, Robyn and I jumped at the chance to go to one of his Mohegan Sun dates. The show was last night. We drove down from Boston, and we met Ben Hillman there - he drove up from Philly just for the show (and back again once it was over).

To all my friends who saw him in Boston and said that the show was nothing short of a religious experience - you were right. The show was amazing, the band was amazing, Stevie was amazing. And at the end of the night, we were hard-pressed to think of a tune he didn't play. Pretty much all the hits from the 60's thru 80's, plus a few new ones. He did a few duets with Aisha, a twenty-minute version of Ribbon in the Sky, he even played Giant Steps (!!) And he killed it - I had no idea he could play bebop like that.

And he played for almost THREE HOURS. We got home late. It's 9am the next day, I wonder if Hillman is home yet..

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