jQuery BBQ in Drupal 7


Recently, Katherine Senzee at Acquia contacted me to ask if I would consider dual-licensing my jQuery BBQ plugin as both MIT and GPL, because they wanted to include it in the upcoming Drupal 7 admin interface.

The idea is for the admin interface to appear as a modal window on top of the current page, with fully function back/forward button functionality, while maintaining the context of the current page. This is, of course, a great idea.. and one that jQuery BBQ makes easy!

Of course, I had absolutely no problem dual-licensing this plugin, and updated all my other plugins while I was at it.. because it can’t hurt for people to have more options, right?

And as a result, jQuery BBQ was submitted in a patch to Drupal D7 that was just committed today.

To me, integration in a major open-source CMS like Drupal is a big deal, and I’m really psyched. Hopefully other jQuery-friendly projects will see the value in jQuery BBQ and will want to use it for their hash history / query string manipulation!

And on a funny note, the OMG THE BACK BUTTON WORKS comment was great.

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