The New Deal


Playing to a sold-out Paradise Rock Club in Boston last night, The New Deal broke beats left and right. These guys are all about the groove. up-tempo, down-tempo.. mid-tempo.. They're tight and when they're playing, you can't not move your body to the music.

The drummer (Darren Shearer) beatboxes, plays kit, and percussion.. and is usually doing at least two of those three things at any given time. The bassist (Dan Kurtz) plays his Fender Jazz through the mothership's control board (apparently, since everything he plays sounds like it's from outer space). And the keyboardist (Jamie Shields) is surrounded by a half a dozen synths and god-only-knows how many delay pedals.

I'm not sure, but I'm guessing these guys *live* on Red Bull. It's the new coke. And I don't mean -a-cola. Check out my photos from the show!

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