Wii, Mii, Dance Recital


The other night, Robyn and I went over to Dan and Michelle's place (wih Jeremy and Kristin) for some dinner, booze, and Nintendo Wii. Michelle was cooking, so the food was good. Dan was bartending, so the booze was good. And there was a big-screen TV, so the Wii was good. I'm personally not really into Wii Sports, but it's a lot of fun if you get a group of people together (booze mandatory, of course). Check out the photos.

And today, Robyn had her annual dance recital. She says she flubbed part of it, but nobody noticed. I didn't notice, at least. Of course, maybe that was because I was taking a million photos of her. Either way, it was great. She was great. She is great. Etc. Here are the photos (and there are a few funny ones of the requisite disorganized little kid dancers too) so take a look.

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