Dinner with the Goldsmiths


This evening, Robyn and I met our good friends Dan and Kym for dinner. After the meal, while Kym had excused herself for a moment, Dan and I were discussing marriage, and while talking, I motioned to Robyn and said something like, “I didn’t settle. I don’t feel like I settled. Well, I did settle, technically. You see, at some point, you realize that while there might be someone even more compatible with you than who you’re with, the time investment involved in finding said person would far outweigh the benefit of actually being with them. It’s just not worth it, so yeah, you could say that technically, I settled.”

To which Dan replied, “It’s not settling, it’s settling down.”


At this point, Kym returned, and we all took a few moments to recount the previous interchange (so that she would know what all the laughter was about). After hearing our explanation, Kym told us about the time she said to Dan, “I know that sometimes it’s hard on you, knowing that I don’t share your love of video games and science fiction movies. So, if there was one thing about me that you’d change, what would it be? But wait—it’s not fair of me to ask that question of you until I ask it of myself. What one thing would I change about you? And the answer is ‘nothing.’ I wouldn’t change anything about you, because I love you just the way you are.”

To which Dan replied, “Well, if I could change something, it would be the video games.”

I love Dan.

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