Wrapping up Simplified


Even though many more features are planned for Simplified, it’s reached the point where it’s stable, works reliably, and there’s just no reason not to include it with Linkinus. We’re going through some final beta testing right now, and everything looks good for a 2.0.2 release.

Already done:

  • Text copy & paste still works just like you’d expect, no bizarre formatting issues!
  • Full support for nearly all Linkinus style options, including the new 2.0.2 variants feature.
  • Short-URL auto expansion (full URL visible on hover).
  • Smooth scrolling animations.
  • Adium emoticonSet support.
  • Exploding emoticons - just click them!
  • Clicking on a nickname will spotlight that user’s text in that channel.
  • The style also functions as a framework for style authors.

Still left to-do:

  • Fix remaining linkification issues.
  • Add “embed media” support.

A Simplified page on benalman.com with screenshots, documentation, and an explanation of features is in the works, and should be completed soon. As always, feel free to come to #Simplified on irc.conceited.net for the latest version!

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