jQuery Conference '09


So I’m currently sitting in a room at the Microsoft NERD center, in a room with a few hundred other jQuery developers, listening to Yehuda Katz give a talk on jQuery best practices. I’ve seen some great talks this weekend. Steve Souders gave an excellent talk on maximizing front-end performance, John Resig gave a great talk on upcoming changes to jQuery 1.3.3, Paul Irish gave a few very successful talks on jQuery anti-patterns and custom web font usage, and Rebecca Murphey is coming up next with her talk on organizing your code using object literals.

I actually did a thirty minute breakout this afternoon, called “jQuery plugin creation: organization, generalization, minification, optimization, gratification,” which seemed to be well-received, even though I felt a little rushed. Either way, very soon I’m going to put it all together here as a series of posts (and eventually screencasts) for everyone.

Today was my first time speaking like that in front of a group of people, so that’s a great thing. And next year, I’ll definitely put more material together and try to do a “real” session in one of the big rooms. I’ve already got some great ideas.

In case you missed it, my presentation is available, after the jump.

[Edit: I just posted my conference photos]

Stay tuned for the followup blog posts, and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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