Facebook, or A Tale of Two Dads


So, this morning I woke up to an email saying “Barry Alman added you as a friend on Facebook.”

Robyn and I were both amazed, because my dad (Barry Alman) has absolutely no interest in signing up for, using, looking at, or even thinking about Facebook. How do we know this? He’s told us this many, many times (in that way that only Barry can tell you. ie. many, many times).

I think Robyn’s jaw actually hit the floor when I showed her the email on my iPhone.

But wait—when I actually took the time to check out the invite, something didn’t look quite right.. so I clicked the profile thumbnail, and got this completely different Barry Alman’s Facebook profile:

Barry Alman

Oh well, it’s not my dad. Or I’m pretty sure it’s not my dad. I don’t think that, were he leading a double life, he’d be leading said life in both Massachusetts and California. And there’s the whole baldness thing, too, and my dad only wears sneakers with velcro instead of laces.. so yeah, this can’t possibly be my dad.

All that being said, I think that my dad should join Facebook. For no better reason, really, than to show this other guy that there’s only one Barry Alman, and that he means business, so watch out!

And now that I’ve publicly razzed my dad, the least I can do is try to help him out: If you need tools, check out my actual dad’s store on eBay, he’s got some awesome deals!

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