I'm thankful, that's for sure


This morning, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, Robyn asked me what I’m thankful for. It wasn’t a really hard question to answer, honestly, because I have a pretty good idea of what I’m thankful for.. but it made me want to put it into words.

For starters, I’m married to an amazing woman. Robyn has been nothing but supportive of me in everything I try to do. She always pushes me to do my best, and never tries to hold me back or limit me in any way. That whole “better half” expression? That’s her. It’s pretty damn cool. And we’re both like that for each other, which is “the way it should be” as far as I’m concerned.

I have wonderful friends. I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like, because everyone is busy with their work, music and families.. but it’s wonderful to know that I have friends with whom I share interests, that both Robyn and I can invite over for dinner, go out to see a show, just hang out.. or even take a day or weekend trip with. And everyone gets along, it’s not always just me hanging out with my buddies, it’s also me and Robyn hanging out with our friends.

My family is mental, but I love them. My parents have always been very supportive and helpful, and it’s nice to see that as I’ve grown older, they’re not afraid to look to me for advice and help, as I’m “all grown up” now (laugh). I’ve also managed, over the last few years, to find ways to spend more time with my brother and his wife, thanks in no small part to my niece, the most adorable three-year-old you’ve ever seen. I’m thankful that both Robyn and I are able to participate in her life, because she’s awesome. And it’s really nice to be able to spend time with my brother, because he’s a really smart, funny guy.

I’m also thankful and appreciative for the support that the open source community has shown me in my recent jQuery and JavaScript work. I’ve come to know a handful of very creative, highly able web developers in the last year or two, with great ideas and open minds. It’s really nice to be able to collaborate with someone on a crazy idea, only to have it turn out into something that people find genuinely useful. And it’s been very rewarding to not only finally understand more of what this community really offers, but also to finally be able to contribute back to it.

There’s a lot more to say.. but it’s time for me to head over to my parents’ house for some coma-inducing food overload.. so I’ll save it for another time!

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