And then there were two!


Back in October, Robyn and I got an adorable kitten, Loki, and he’s been the perfect little bundle of playful kitten awesomeness since then. He’s definitely a lot bigger now than when we first got him, but he still continues to be a lot of fun! Especially at like, 3am, when we really need our sleep…

Well, a little over a week ago, the breeder at CC Bay Rags let us know that two of Loki’s littermates had been returned to her due to owner allergies, which apparently has never happened to her before, and did we know anyone who wanted a kitten or two, and by the way here are some photos of two super-cute kittens?

So, um, we talked about it a bit, weighed the pros and cons, tried to figure out a good name, and can we even handle another kitten, and no really, what’s a good name, and are we totally crazy… and now we have a second kitten, Muta! So yes, we’re totally crazy. And Muta? He’s is a seal point mitted ragdoll who is very laid back, loves to be petted, and as I just found out while writing this post, able to jump substantially higher than Loki (since I just found him on the kitchen counter). Bad Muta!

The idea was to get a playmate for Loki, since Robyn and I work all day and don’t want him to be lonely. And at first, Loki was a little bit rough on Muta, with the whole “this is my house, these are my humans, obey me” thing, but they’re best buddies now. They basically sleep all day, then chase each other around our bedroom between midnight and 4am. It’s a win-win. For them. I need a nap.

So what are you waiting for? Check out some photos and videos of Loki and Muta now!

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