Yes, dear.


This is great. I just discovered the amazing sense of freedom from responsibility and the resulting serenity that only the act of blindly agreeing with whatever your spouse says can bring. All this time, I’ve been arguing my point of view, but to what end? It’s not like I’m going to win anything.

Please note, however, that this only works if you’re not really paying attention. If you actually understand what you’re agreeing with, you bear at least part of the responsibility if things go awry.

It’s like voting. If you know the stakes, but choose not to vote, you can’t complain when the elected official turns out to be an jerk. If, however, you didn’t even know there was an election, then things can’t possibly be your fault, right?

It’s not like I care any less, I’m just choosing to care more about the now instead of the future. This works for me, because by the time the future comes to pass, if I don’t like the situation I’ve gotten myself into, I will have forgotten the entire process that led up to that moment, and if that’s due to the fact that I was never really aware of it in the first place, then so be it.

So, +1 to plausible deniability and “Yes, dear.”

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