jQuery Bay Area Conference 2011


I recently attended the jQuery Bay Area Conference, which was held at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus Conference Center in Mountain View, California. I decided to go not only from a personal “want to hang out with cool people” perspective, because I know many people who are active in the jQuery community, but also from a “Director of Training at Bocoup” perspective. The former is cool because it’s always nice to interact directly (ie. drink beers) with people with whom your only typical interaction is IM or IRC. The latter is cool because on the day before the conference, Bocoup donated a full day of Beginner jQuery training to a very appreciative group of attendees, with all proceeds going directly to the jQuery Project.

Because I had given the pre-conference training earlier that day, I was invited to attend the Friday evening speaker dinner at the Cantankerous Fish on Castro St, and in addition to eating a fantastic meal, I also took a ton of photos of the other speakers and jQuery team members.

The next few days, the actual conference, went by in a blur. Not only did I give a breakout talk on extending jQuery, but because I was the guy with the nice camera, I became the de facto photographer for the event. This means I didn’t really get to pay attention to any talks, because I was busy running around the whole time taking photos of everyone and everything. Fortunately, the photos came out pretty good, and as of now I’ve uploaded almost two hundred to my Flickr page. And it’s not like I didn’t relax at all, I did manage to get a little sleep each night.

Note to self: be absolutely sure you want to take a few thousand photos before showing up to the next jQuery conference with your pro camera.

All in all, the conference was a huge success for both me and Bocoup. I spent time with some really smart (and entertaining) people, some of whom I knew well, but others that I hadn’t yet met. Also, Rick Waldron, Boaz Sender, Adam Sontag and Richard Worth all gave well-received talks at the conference, and I gave a full-day training session and a breakout talk which received glowing reviews. Finally, we gave away a bunch of Bocoup stickers and T-shirts, so expect to see those everywhere!

If you want to see all of the photos, check out my Flickr page!

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